Operation Christmas Child trip to Belize!

Dear  Family and Friends ,

I am honored to announce that I have been selected to participate in an Operation Christmas Child (OCC) distribution trip with Samaritan’s Purse to Belize. Selected volunteers from across the U.S. will form teams that will visit surrounding villages, minister to the local people, participate and distribute OCC shoebox gifts to needy children within these communities.

occ-2014 (1) This trip is coordinated by Samaritan’s Purse, a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world.

I am very excited to see how God will use this team for His will and purpose, as well as, how each of us will grow spiritually as individuals. I desire to become more aware of the culture and needs of the people in Belize in order to truly understand them and be a witness of Christ’s love. This will be a faith-stretching experience to rely on God by stepping out into the unknown and allowing Christ to work through me.

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Learning from others!

Hello beautiful world,

If you haven’t read my posts, I have been on a serious path of self discovery. Who I am inside, outside, etc. I have started with the path of reflection and sometimes this can lead you down a serious rabbit hole. I am trying to stay focused. LOL. Easier said than done… I assume.

Anyhow, during this reflection I have read this wonderful… I mean fantastically wonderful book Carry on Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton! First, let me say, I find her and her ” Brutiful” life inspiring! Not only has she inspired me one sentence at a time but I have been able to really apply POSITIVE in my life.

I know, I know… I am sure all of you are rolling your eyes and saying…

” oh, here is where we get the speech on the ” power of positive thinking”.


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Today was a wonderful day full of self discovery. It wasn’t the most “openly productive” day. Lol. But it was one of those days that I felt lost in my own head. Not a bad day… But yet a day where you feel like discoveries about yourself along the way started to make sense. What a beautifully wonderful thing. 🙂

I have been struggling with my first step to self discovery… “Forgiveness”.


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Looking to the past for Reflection!

As I think about how to even start the process of reflection. I find myself trying to search back. Looking to the past for reflection.

Searching back for me isn’t all happy memories. I know for most of us that’s the case. We all have our skeletons in our closet.
But for me… It takes me back to a time when I was a victim. Being a victim to me validates some sort of weakness. I’ve never been able to overcome the fact that it showed a weaker side. Michelle weak… Never.

But what part of this… Has grown into some sort of insecurity or manifested as something greater?

I would say that most of my family and friends know me as a very bullheaded type of woman. It’s black or it’s white… This is the way I see the world. I understand there’s always a little gray every now and then… But I don’t like it. I don’t want to like it. What part of this demeanor is from me being afraid of being weak? Is it  even important for me to understand if my fear of weakness is caused by my outlook on life? Or do I just push forward, understanding that life is not ” Black and white”… and I will need to adjust to this way of thinking? It is like Change… it happens. But I don’t like change. I need to be positive… what am I going to get out of digging up the past… or as I said before… ” Looking to the past for reflection”.

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A Journey of Self Discovery. Where do I start?

As I am thinking about a million different ways to find myself in this bustling world…. One thing comes to mind.   A plan!

I am in no way shape or form someone who can fly by the seat of her pants. I have to have a plan.

With that bring said… How do you “plan” a journey of self discovery?

Research! Ha ha! 🙂 This was fun and honestly quite amusing. You can find so many different books / articles in self discovery.

Overwhelming… Yes!

I decided while researching and feeling a rush of backing up and brushing the whole thing under the rug… That simplicity was a must. I needed to just start with the first thing and cross the next bridge when I get to it.

With that being said, I have chosen my first step to be “Reflection”!

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she discovered quote

My Discovery…

I wrote this Blog post in the Spring of Last year! To say the least… a lot has changed. HA HA. Who am I kidding. I am just now getting my blog post up! With that being said… let this be the first step to my follow through! 🙂 This blog should fill you in on a little bit about me. This is my Discovery~ I hope this will encourage the strongest of women to ” Discover” themselves~! Continue reading