Today was a wonderful day full of self discovery. It wasn’t the most “openly productive” day. Lol. But it was one of those days that I felt lost in my own head. Not a bad day… But yet a day where you feel like discoveries about yourself along the way started to make sense. What a beautifully wonderful thing. 🙂

I have been struggling with my first step to self discovery… “Forgiveness”.


I have spent countless hours really digging into this. And in most occasions, this would be easy. I am typically good at forgiving most things or being understanding. ( my husband might beg to differ.. Ha ha)
I do, however feel I am on the right path to getting closer to full forgiveness. I started writing a book. I am hoping that this book will allow me to forgive one page at a time. 🙂 I am writing my heart down and it is a beautiful thing.

I really have grown to love the women on those pages. 🙂

Today I was doing the typical SHAM (stay at home mom) thing… Walking around target aimlessly… Not shopping… Just walking around. Some “oohing and awwing” happening. But mostly, walking and being lost in my own thoughts. Target is always good for these moments. You can stay for hours, looking productive, all the while just working out things in your head quietly. 🙂

I thought about so many things but the main development was this word “anchor”. I was so stuck on this word. What did it mean to be an anchor? To have an anchor?
The more I thought, the more I realized, this is what I wanted to be. An “anchor” for people. I wanted to be the steady. I wanted to always be a safety for the ship of life. I wanted to be someone people could count on… No judging. Because “anchors ” are always there… And they don’t say… Sorry sailor, I saw what you did last summer. Lol!

“Anchor”… This is what I strive to be! A constant in your life, an uplifting spirit, a listener, a motivator and a friend! A supporter and someone who empowers you to be better than you beautiful self! 🙂 strength and stability when the sea gets rough!

Xoxoxox – Michelle

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